U2’s return to the stage in 2001 was under the  “Back to basics” idea. That means a step back to  very simple stage, scaling from huge productions such as ZOO TV and Popmart tours .

This new U2 philosophy means also a very simple tourbook….. and only 2 different editions. It looks like they printed a book to cover the whole tour but there finally was a second editions with some changes versus the first one.

Both books contáis a band interview by Danny Eccleston, Q Magazine editor where they basically talk about the current (Elevation tour) and past tours. We also find the tour personnel list, associations U2 is supporting and cooperating with and also a short interview with Peter Williams.

Similar to the Zooropa books, the Elevation one also conatins a central page full of stickers related to the tour iconography.

If we compare both Elevation books the main difference are the pictures. While the first book has no pictures of the tour, the second one is full of pictures of the band on the heart shaped stage.