Leg II – UK

War / Leg II

Leg: 2 – UK
Pages: 16
Size: 21 *30 cm
Dates: 26/02 – 29/03

Description: This second WAR book was printed on a very light paper so it looks more like a leaflet or a brouchure than a tourbook.  The 16 pages include great colourfull pictures, press clippings, a list with the tour staff, discography and merchandising.It also includes a list of the tours dates, starting on February 26th and with a final show on March 29th…a very short tour if we compare with later U2 tours.  It’s funny to read on some of those press clippings that the band has decided to split due to the very bad moment they are living. Fans can be happy though, because Bono has decided to release a solo album under the name of “BOYo”.

Merchandising page is great ! It shows merchandising drawings instead of pictures.